On 5 April 2016 in the Institute of Aviation in Warsaw we conducted durability tests of all our new products.

1. Gyroplane carbon blades NACA 8H12 Super Light
2. Carbon blades for light and ultralight helicopters NACA 23012 Twisted 6°
3. Gyroplane head
4. Hub bar for gyroplane blades

The tests results are great and have exceeded our expectations. All the products exceeded safety standards by several times. During the tests, no tested elements have been broken. Damaged were only the fastening screws which were broken off at the values presented in the table.

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We are very satisfied with the tests results and proud that we can offer high quality products meeting the highest safety standards.

Below we present video material from the durability tests:

Durability test
Gyroplane carbon blade NACA 8H12 Super Light

Durability test
Carbon blade NACA 23012 for light and ultralight helicopters geometrically twisted by 6°

Durability test
Gyroplane rotor head 

Durability test
Hub bar for gyroplane blades