On 13 September 2017, we conducted flight tests of Gyro-Tech carbon rotor on MTO gyrocopter.

Place: Ferlach Gleinach LOKG Airfield (Austria)
Test pilot: Martin Koller
Air temperature: 20°C
Wind: 0 m/s
Rotor diameter: 8.50 m

Below we present a short report of the test pilot Martin Koller


For the moment I can say that there was about 20% increase in the eficiency of my MTO. Currently, after 5 hours of testing, I can notice less resistance in flight and less fuel consumption at the same flying speed. The center of gravity has moved slightly backwards, which means that in order to fly faster, I have to push the stick forward harder.
Takeoff properties have been improved by 30% and the takeoff way has been shortened. The prerotation is faster and greater and the blades make less noise. Rotors RPM are between 330 and 420 at hights between 3000 and 8000 ft and at flying speeds between 10 and 170 km/h. Virtually, there are no vibrations from 160 km/h and it is incredibly quiet, it would almost like to slip to 200 km/h.
This is a comparison of the original aluminum MTO 2 rotor of 8.40 m diameter with a Gyro Tech composite rotor of 8.5 m diameter.

The rotor is very nicely finished and I am very satisfied. Test Pilot Koller Martin

  • 21731293_1680685858629616_3799759518329741394_n
  • 21433218_1680685981962937_2718905639942313047_n
  • 21731185_1680686435296225_1786590686652249812_n
  • 21730858_1680688398629362_3215158540253334715_n
  • 21739993_1680688528629349_4834199797947818732_n
  • 21433160_1680686478629554_3635627770774003062_n

Thank you very much, Martin, for performing the tests and sharing your reviews!

Below is a short video material of the tests.