NACA 8H12 Modified Airfoil Blades

You are on the page where you can now buy the best composite blades in the world to your gyrocopter. Consider whether you really want to have them because once you buy it, you will spend more time in the air and not with your family!


The blades with the modified airfoil are slightly different than with the original NACA 8H12 airfoil. They have bigger lifting force and you can observe less fuel consumption. Their maximum flight speed is 120-130 km/h.

Technical information about the Rotors

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    100% composite carbon fiber

    We use composite fiber that makes our blades very light, durable and stiff

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    Maximum blade length 4.00 m

    The maximum length of our blades is 4.00 meters but it can be shorter according to your needs

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    Adjustable rotor diameter

    We can adjust the rotor diameter to every gyroplane

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    Institute of Aviation certificates for the blades

    All composite materials and resins used in our blades have aviation certificates

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    Chord 203 mm

    The blade chord is 203 mm over the entire blade length

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    Aluminum Hub Bar

    Our hub bar enables blade tracking and centering of the hub bar in the rotor head

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    Aviation certifiates for materials used

    All composite materials and resins used in our blades have aviation certificates

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    The price does not contain VAT

    Under certain conditions, we can sell our products without VAT. Please contact us and check whether you can buy our products without VAT.

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    The price does not contain shipping cost

    For calculation of shipping cost, please provide us your address.

Now new in our offer!

Special leading edge protective tape. Protection against rain and sand.
No more worries about weather conditions.
Additional option for most demanding Customers.

Price: 200

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Durability test

Durability tests of the blades carried out in the Institute of Aviation in Warsaw

See video test

Blades Skin

Blades Skin test carried out in the Institute of Aviation in Warsaw

Download certificate


Certificate of the Institute of Aviation in Warsaw for NACA 8H12

Download certificate

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