On 13 September 2017, we conducted flight tests of Gyro-Tech carbon rotor on Trixy gyrocopter.

Place: Ferlach Gleinach LOKG Airfield (Austria)
Test pilot: Koller Martin
Air temperature: 20°C
Wind: 0 m/s
Rotor diameter: 8.60 m

Originally, the gyrocopter was equipped with an aluminium rotor of 8.50 m diameter. For the test, we installed a composite carbon rotor of 8.60 m diameter .

The static balancing of the rotor at Gyro-Tech factory was so good that after its installation on the gyro, from the first flight, the flying comfort was very good and vibrations were at the lowest level. As a result, we did not have to make any time consuming adjustments and we could focus on flight parameters and comparing our carbon rotor with the aluminium rotor.

  • 21730968_1680681121963423_1014471762795431225_n
  • 21728549_1680681408630061_184928433782965427_n
  • 21728294_1680684755296393_3199439174840969264_n
  • 21433109_1680684695296399_4694497706112244210_n
  • 21740502_1680680475296821_6445356812298419528_n
  • 21740209_1680680668630135_7543875752563816589_n
  • 21768042_1601623756526499_510107907082153119_n

After installation and testing of Gyro-Tech carbon rotor, the flight parameters have been improved but we decided to make an additional experiment. As a result, the test od Gyro-Tech carbon rotor on Trixy gyrocopter has not been finished yet and will be continued in a few days with different adjustments and a different rotor diameter. We need a few days to deliver additional rotor parts from Poland to Austria.

Below you can see video material of the first flight on Trixy with Gyro-Tech carbon blades.